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Hello! My name is AMY-

I am an artist working and living in Boise Idaho, alongside my husband and various houseplants.

My style is greatly driven by color and shape, aiming to create something both visually pleasing as well as emotionally appealing. I paint in a simplified narrative, from my observation and perception of the natural world.

You'll often find strong contrasts and bold color palettes throughout my work. Bringing with it, a playful and adventurous voice.

Color is an universal language, and one that carries with it powerful emotions and memories. It has the ability to communicate things often hard to decipher, but so easily felt.

My hands truly have a direct link to my heart, and it’s what drives me forward at all times. I live life behind the lens of creating, which in turn, makes every day worth seeking.

I have a deep deep love for imagery that brings beauty and speaks honestly to who we are created to be.

If you're interested in collaborating, commissioning work, or simply want to connect PLEASE contact me at- amy@amybramante.com

I’d love to be in touch! xo