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Personal Journal #1

I shared a bit of this on Instagram the other day, (so for those of you that follow me over there, feel free to scan ahead) but I thought I may as well expand a little and speak more to it.

Since the beginning of the year I have taken a step back from my previous career as a hair stylist and have been pursuing this thing I call Art full time. (Now that right there, I could spend hours on, but for now I'll just say "that's another story for another day.") I've spent almost every day since I left the salon, "working" on my craft, continually honing in on what I want to do, and finding all the ways I want to do it. And it has been lovely and hard and inspiring and deflating and confusing and frustrating and rewarding and all the things you can imagine when trying something previously unmapped by yourself.  

That being said, I'll say this. On days where I start to feel inadequate, unqualified, lost, and completely out of my depth, (most days) I need a reminder to take a breath and take it easy on myself because everyone starts somewhere. And everyone has room to grow. And as long as I keep pushing and learning and expanding, I need to be ok with that. That for now, for my sanity, I need to be ok with being where I am today. Because I know that every day I struggle, and every day that I push, brings me that much closer to the place I want to be. And I find that encouraging. 

Cambria Dreaming

Cambria Dreaming