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| 2019 Commissions are Currently Open for Scheduling |

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Having the ability to work more intimately with you + create something specifically with YOU in mind, brings so much joy to the entire process. Home is something that resonates with all of us, i believe, and speaks in a way nothing esle can. my main goal in doing what i do, is to bring meaning + light to the places you love the most. and by doing so, encourage you to surround yourself with things that speak to your heart.

How it works:

Fill out the form below or email me directly at, and let me know your needs/wishes/dreams. Feel free to send any photos of your space, or perhaps any pieces of mine that caught your eye. The more details I have, the better.

We’ll then have a chat (I always prefer an over the phone visit) to see if working together is in the cards at that time. If yes- the fun begins. If no- that’s perfectly fine + I hope you’ll think of me again in future, when the stars align.

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