Day 11 'Wayside No.4'

Day 11 'Wayside No.4'

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8 x 8 in. 140 lb. Watercolor paper, Acid free.

Original mixed media abstract piece. Acrylic, soft pastels. Sealed and ready to frame. 

"21 Days Of Brave" is a challenge meant to achieve two basic things- 1.) create and finish a piece of art on a daily basis and 2.) attach a price and post it on Instagram. This is my first time participating in a daily challenge, and I'm so thrilled I did. Each of these pieces signifies a single day within this challenge, and represents a step in my daily journey. There was a wonderful progression that seemed to built on itself naturally throughout this process, and I'm excited to see this spill over to my coming work!

Titled, dated, and signed on back.  


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